The Cure For Snoring

Surgical Procedures - Nasal Septoplasty

A nasal septoplasty is a procedure in which the doctor straightens the nasal septum, which is the central wall that divides the two nasal passages in the nose. When snoring occurs because the deviated septum makes it difficult to breath through the nose, this method is suggested. During this procedure, the patient is given general anesthesia which will relax and numb the muscles. The doctor cuts inside the lining of the nose, reshaping the bones and cartilage so they will heal in a normal position. A splint may be put on the nose so the bones and cartilage stay in place. The nose will then be packed with material to control bleeding. The packing may need to stay for three or four days.  Nasal septoplasty has generally few risks. In some cases, patients find that the front part of their nose is flatter than before. Infection or bleeding may occur. It is possible that the septum may have a hole through it.

DOCTOR’s NOTE: “An effective treatment for snorers/sleep apneics with an obstructing nasal septum.  In all but the most severe cases this procedure is used in conjunction with an intraoral surgical procedure as alone it is unlikely to alleviate the conditions.”