The Cure For Snoring

Treatment Plans - Radio Frequency Ablation

RFA is an outpatient procedure which shrinks the tissues in the mouth and throat to clear the airway for breathing using a low level of radio-frequency energy.

A wand emitting radio-frequency energy causes the destruction of molecular particles within tissue cells. This shrinks the soft palate, which clears the airway. The procedure is done within about 3 to 5 visits, each lasting around 15 to 20 minutes each. 

During the treatment, a local anesthetic is used, and there is little to no pain once the anesthesia wears off. Some patients may experience swelling but it is generally mild. 

DOCTOR’s NOTE:  “Can require multiple procedures at one site to receive desired affect. 
Is less controlled and more painful than the Pillar procure which reliably treats the same anatomic region in one sitting.”