The Cure For Snoring


Amy from Brooklyn NY

“I made an appointment with Dr. Cohen to discuss possible solutions to breathing and snoring problems I'd been having. I'd been to other doctors who recommended nasal surgery and just didn't feel like that was the right course of action.

Dr. Cohen recommended a turbinectomy and Pillar Procedure, both of which were done in his office. The procedures took about 20 minutes. There was very little discomfort and I went back to work that day.

Immediately I was able to breathe out of my nose in a way I hadn't in years. It was amazing. My snoring decreased significantly over the next several weeks as well. Overall it was a great decision to have these procedures.”

Tom from Manhattan NY

"I underwent the pillar implant procedure on 3/23/07 in order to alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea and snoring. The procedure and recovery process went exactly as Dr. Cohen had described. The procedure took no more than 30 minutes from start to finish, and was not painful.  

The after-effects were, as described, just like having a mild sore throat, and went away after about 4-5 days. Dr. Cohen had said that I wouldn't really see an impact for about 6 months, yet it began to improve after about 5 months. There continued to be gradual improvement over the following 6 months, until the snoring was much reduced and I was awaking in the morning feeling like I'd had a good night's sleep.  I am very glad I had the Pillar implant procedure."