The Cure For Snoring

Treatment Plans - Turbinectomy

A Turbinectomy is a procedure where a small amount of lining over the inferior turbinate bone inside the nose is removed in order to open up the nasal passages.  Turbinectomy may take one of several forms, depending on an individual’s anatomy. This is an outpatient procedure in which the patient is given a local anesthesia to the nose, which numbs and reduces the blood flow to the area.   

The surgeon may remove bone only, or bone and soft tissue. The microdebrider, a tiny, high speed device that shaves soft tissue, is inserted into the turbinate through a tiny incision in the nose. Once inserted, the microdebrider removes the desired tissue, leaving adjacent tissues intact.

Improvements in the medical field and surgical instrumentation have decreased complications and increased the utility of in-office turbinectomy.  The nose used to be packed with gauze, making post-operative recovery uncomfortable.  Elmed turbinectomy allows reduction in the bulkiness of the turbinates while maximally preserving the normal lining tissues of the nose.  There  is less risk of removing more tissue than necessary, which in the past led to a crusty, dry nose that was open to infection.

DOCTOR’s NOTE:  This is an effective office procedure for snorers with nasal obstruction.  Most typically used in conjunction with a palatal procedure.”